August Rush

 I saw ‘August Rush’. It is a very moving movie. This movie is made in 2007. It is from America. Many famous actor and actress appeared, so it made me more exciting. The hero is well known, and his name is Freddie Highmore. He appeared in ‘Challey and the factory of chocolate’. It is a famous movie, too. He is a very young actor, but he is good at acting. The mean of ‘August Rush’ was his nickname to be known for a world. First, he was a orphane, but he loved music and his parents. He was keeping finding his parents while he was learning and teaching and making his music. Eventually, he conducted a concert, so his parents watched his concert and realized that he is their son! This movie gave me a deep impression and perceived importance of my family.



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An Animal Kingdom

 I go to the zoo in Family Land on Saturday. Many people are crowded. First, I see the giraffe, and it has a long neck. It is asleep below the tree. Secondly, I see the monkeys, and they eat banna and howl in the treetops. They are very cute. I see the hippos. They are wallowing in the river at peace, but it looks like that they take a shower. I see the peacocks, and their tail is very nice and colorful. Most of colorful peacocks are male, so they have amaizingly colorful feathers! I like going to the zoo, because I can see many fantastic animals.

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My Destination

Which three countries would you like to visit for the first time, and why?

First of all, I’d like to visit America, because there are various things to sightsee, and I love NewYork. I want to spend time to take a torch infront of Statue of Liberty, and I take pictures for myself. While I’ll stay a month, I wish going everywhere.

Secondly, I would also like to visit Canada. It is one of the cleanest countries. Especially, water is very clean. They have great welfare facilities and mordern conveniences, and we  say, There is good at living.

Finally, I want to go to Japan. Nearby us, and they are same Asian, but they have different cultures. I want to go to Sibuya which is middle of the downtown likes Meongdong. There are many people in this place, and I’d like to go to the festival wearing Yukata which is Japanese traditional costume.

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Tuesday, the 29th of March, 2011

Last weekend, I expected cheese cake to be tasty, because cheeze cake was very famous in that cafe, but it was not delicious, because it was not too sweet.

 I expected the quiz to be easy, but it was not, because there were difficult sentences and they were very coufusing. Especially, It’s very hard to pick ‘in, at, on’.

I have never eaten Ellisia food before ,but I heard that it is very nice and I can eat many kinds of food, so I expect to go there with my family. I am looking forward tring many kinds of food.

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A Busy Day

Monday, the 28th of March, 2011


I took the TOEIC on Saturday morning.  I woke up at nine, then I washed and ate a simple breakfast.The examination started at ten, so I ran to the main building with Dahee. I braced myself and entered the examination room on the third floor.  Fortunately, It was not too late. I comparatively took a exam fairly well.


I went to the hospital with a cold, so the doctor prescribes medicine and he said that I should take a rest. I took medicine immediately. I went to the Homeplus to change my pants, because the length of my pants was too long. I said this problem to the shop assistant, so she refunded the money on these pants. I bought pants on another shop. The pants fit me. I like these very much.


I went to the hairdresser nearby my house. It is well known to cut hair. I close hairdresser very well, so I went to go to change my hair. I asked that I want to change color of my hair. She changed color of my hair for light brown and made a shape of ribbon hair on service. It was very nice.

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It was very impressive.

Monday, the 21th of March, 2011

 I watched soccer match with Dahee on saturday night. We bought some food at convenience store. And we went to the Dahee’s room. We don’t have TV on second floor. I went to the 3rd floor to check TV in rounge. But rounge’s TV is cable television. THis channel have 5. So we had to use ‘Africa TV’ which is the internet homepage to watch the game.

 I had anticipated this soccer match. Because my favorite soccer players took part in a competition. I wanted to watching Jisung Park and Cheongyong Lee. Jisung Park is on a team named Manchester United. And Cheongyong Lee is on a team called Bolton. But only Cheongyong Lee took part in this match. Chongyong Lee is very fast and a Bolton’s high scorer. His special ability is a girl shot. He is a very nice player. 

 Consequentially, Manchester United won. Their score was 1 point and nil. But It was a close game. I disappointed that I didn’t watch running Jisung Park. However, It was wonderful soccer match.


Heater was broken on second floor. So it was so cold. We didn’t have heating apparatus. I pushed the button continually. But heater was checking. I and Dahee talked about this and we went to administrative office for inquirement. They had not known this by the time. They checked heater and we came back to the each room. It operates eventually.

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i go to

Thursday, the 17th  of March, 2011

I will go to my highschool in Changpyeong for bring student’s file. This is for applying ROTC(reserve officer’s training corps). I’ll meet my teacher and look around my school. And We are going to eat out at Changpyeong Gookbob.  I used to go to this restaurant after school. THis is original Gookbob. It’s very cheap and delicious.

I’ll come back to Chosun Universty. I’ll go downtown with my friends. I’ll buy glasses on sale at optician and go to clothing stores. I’ll take a ID picture for the documents of  submission.

I’ll expect busy and exciting weekend.

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